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As the sun drowns
the moon shines bright.
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Oct 20 2030 - anemoi app
And it's happening.
Name: Ryan
Personal LJ: textbook_typo
Contact Info: YIM/MSN: battler_ushiromiya@yahoo.com, aim: texbooktypo, Plurk: endlesssorcerer

Character Name: Avenger
Character Series: Fate/hollow ataraxia
Background: Avenger's page at the Type-Moon wiki!
Point in Canon: Post game.


No, seriously. They may not be any MAJOR spoilers but spoilers are spoilers especially when it comes to Fate/hollow ataraxia. You have been warned!
Also Avenger kind of deals with and discusses some triggery things in canon, but I'll ry to avoid those at all costs. If actually needed, I'll be sure to warnwarnwarn and put up a cut and all that good stuff.

There once lived a simple village boy, who was admired by his family and friends alike. He was a hard worker, and always willing to lend a hand where needed. And then one day his life got flipped turned upside down. Stolen away from his family, enduring an nearly unending cycle of being beaten, cursed, and branded as the object that represented all the evil in the world every single day... It's no wonder that the poor boy lost his mind. He cursed humanity, he cursed the world, he even cursed himself. But eventually he accepted his role and rotted away.

So it only makes sense that once he returned to the world of the living, he was the living antithesis of all the good traits humanity possessed. His manner of speech is rather rough and unrefined, leading people to find him rather rude and uncomfortable to speak with. There's also his manners, or rather his lack therefore. He'll often refer to people by nicknames he comes up with on spot, rather than using proper titles, or even someone's name. There's also a fact that he's rather perverted when around women. But what man of the world isn't, really?

He's also rather lazy and laid back, which may be the result of him being such a hard worker during his previous life. Would anyone want to take it easy after being subjected to the torture he was? If given a choice, he'll always pick the easiest way, or even try to worm his way out of situations. He doesn't really care if other people look at him in a poor light because of it. He could care less about what anyone thinks of him.

And while he really isn't all that strong, being considered the weakest servant ever produced by the grail, he's still pretty cruel and homicidal. He kills indiscriminately, when allowed. He is much like a wild beast when he attacks, going all out in hopes he gets his kill. And one can tell he really enjoys it by how he leaves the corpses completely torn up. Ironic, considering that by day Avenger changes into Shirou Emiya, the boy who is his complete opposite in every way. Or perhaps it's better to say that Shirou is much like Avenger was before his fling with tragedy. That may be the reason he assumes the boy's identity by day, living almost too carelessly and enjoying life with Shirou's friends.

So it's not so much that Avenger is actually a horrible person, he's just forgotten who he was. He lost his sense of self on that day so many years ago, and became what those who cursed him wished him to be. The living embodiment of evil. He acts only out of self interest, and portrays what truly lies in the deep darkness of the human heart. Or so we would like to believe. He's actually shown he's capable of caring for people under certain conditions, although that may really just be a flaw caused by a certain someone.

Sample Entry:
Sooo, which one of you guys wants to go explore the great beyond? 'Cuz you know, I've had this strangest feeling every since I last went out there. When those... things attacked. I 'unno what the hell it was, but I actually enjoyed it. Tell me this is a normal thing. I mean, I don't want to be the odd man out or anything. And I sure as hell don't want to be considered more of a freak than I already am thanks to whoever the hell thought it was a good idea to put these damn tattoos all over me. Hell, I'll even let you keep all the memory junk we find. I just want to fight those beasts again. That cool with you?

Mar 11 2030 - [ooc] HMD + Contact
And it's happening.
Complaints? Compliments? Constructive critisim? Leave 'em here. Anonymous  and screening enabled, ip tracking disabled.

AIM: textbooktypo (although I'm rarely on it. MOTIVATE ME TO BE!?)
Y!IM: battler_ushiromiya
e-mail: battler_ushiromiya@yahoo(dot)com
Plurk: endlesssorcerer
And it's happening.
The first year was spent discovering whom to hate.
tl;drCollapse )
And it's happening.
►Phone 「 845 Goldberg Street ∆ Early Morning

...Did that really just happen? Wow. I suppose I should get used to these sort of things happening, shouldn't I?

Oh well, not like I really wanted to leave in the first place. Despite all the fucked up shit that keeps happening, Mayfield is still a lot better than returning to the void.

►Action 「 Mayfield High ∆ Lunch 」

[You may find Avenger sitting at one of the many tables in the cafeteria, eating his lunch alone as per usual. Now would be the perfect time to troll the hell out of him prank him for April Fools! What's the worst that could happen?]

►Action/Phone 「 845 Goldberg Street ∆ After School

[After what happened at school, Avenger isn't taking any chances. He's staying in for the rest of the day. ...Not that that could ever stop the most clever of trolls. They could simply drop by his house, or call him if they wished to. Poor Avenger still doesn't know any better. April Fools didn't exist back where he came from okay?]
And it's happening.
►Action 「 Mayfield High ›› Mayfield General Store ∆ After School 」
[He was FINALLY free from that eight hour prison, and not a moment too soon. His stomach was starting to make noises that he could swear sounded like they were coming from that Dairy downtown. Getting food was his top priority, but... he had pretty much devoured everything in his house by this time.

...Maybe it was time to get, what did Sakura call them? Ah, right. Groceries! Now if only he happened to run in to her outside the campus.]

►Action 「 The Church of Salvation ∆ Later In The Evening 」
[He had promised to meet up with Ciel after school, and he wasn't one to break his promises. Even if it took him a while to actually get there. Hopefully she wouldn't mind him being a little later than planned. It didn't really take him that long to get from his house to the church, though he did have to ask someone for the right street along the way.

Finally, he was there. ...Huh. It looked nothing like the one in Fuyuki, but that was to be expected. He took a deep breath before slowly opening the door and stepping inside.]


►Phone 「 845 Goldberg Street ∆ EVEN LATER 」
[So he was finally home, but... he really didn't want to spend the night locked up here. It's the weekend, right? Perhaps complete strangers would be fine hanging out with him amidst all the chaos? o/]

So, uh... Anyone doing anything fun tonight? I've only been home a few minutes and might already be going crazy from the boredom. Hell, anything is fine as long as it gets me out of here.
And it's happening.
►Action 「 845 Goldberg Street ∆ Early Morning 」

[Good day, sunlight. I'd like to sayGET OUT MY FACE. Avenger is ignoring all the natural signs telling him it's time to get his sorry ass up. The more chirping he hears, the blankets he piles on top of himself. ...Of course, he eventually gets to the dreadful point of being fully awake and never hoping to go back to sleep. He reluctantly drags himself out from the mess of pillows and blankets and begins his daily routine.

It isn't until he's finally sitting down for breakfast that he realizes this ISN'T his master's house. Sure, he thought it was a bit strange. But it didn't seem like anyone was in here, and he really didn't seem to care. He was way too busy stuffing his face.

Once he's finally through, he decides to venture out. You'll find him nonchalantly walking down the various streets, completely unaware that he is supposed to be at school right now. Clearly, he's going to be late. You wouldn't want him to get in trouble on his first day, would you? Why not help the poor boy out?]

►Voice 「 845 Goldberg Street ∆ Evening 」

[So, this telephone connects you to the entire city, huh? Well, why don't we give it a try?]
So, I don't know how the hell I got here, but I don't think I ever wanna leave. This place is WAY better than Fuyuki. It's not as noisy, nobody is trying to kill me, and everyone seems to be pretty friendly.

...Although, some of them do seem a bit... too friendly.
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